Safe Room Sizes

Our Varying Safe Room Sizes

At Supercell Shelters™ we understand that each family has its own particular needs and space requirements. That’s why  our safe room sizes vary to meet the needs of both large and small families.

Above ground tornado shelter safe room sizesSupercell Shelters™ Safe Rooms (above ground tornado shelters) come in three sizes:

4×4 4′ 4′ 6’3″ up to 5 people
4×6 4′ 6′ 6’3″ up to 8 people
5×8 5′ 8′ 6’3″ up to 13 people

Our solid steel above ground storm shelters offer much greater protection than the typical concrete block storm shelter. Furthermore, they are quite economical in comparison to an above ground concrete storm shelter. Most of all, our safe rooms are flat safe tornado shelters that won’t leave your wallet “flat-empty!”