Safe Room Features

Safe Room Features

All safe rooms and above ground tornado shelters are not built the same! Supercell Shelters™ safe room features are second-to-none. Our units are superior, from the quality and thickness of the steel we use all the way to coat of paint that protects each unit from wear and corrosion.

Structural Integrity:

Our shelters are purposely "overbuilt" to give your family maximum protection.

Our shelters are purposely “overbuilt” so they can give your family maximum protection.

  • We engineer and construct each unit to exceed FEMA’s 320/361 design and construction guidance for residential and community shelters.
  • Our units are tested by Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center and pass F5 tornado debris tests.
  • Door opens to the inside to prevent entrapment.
  • The 4×6 Model weighs over 2700 lbs.
  • The 5×8 Model weighs over 3600 lbs.
  • Supercell Shelters are purposely “overbuilt” to protect you and your family.


  • Two Solid bent 1/4″ walls with a single solid welded seamless design for the strongest structural strength available
  • Full One Piece 1/4″ Seamless Floor (carpeted) ads to structural integrity
  • Full One Piece 1/4″ Seamless Roof adds to the structural integrity
  • Leak Proof – Our Solid Welded Seamless Design provides no leak paths for water to enter the shelter.
  • Since we have our own complete fabrication shop allows us to build shelters stronger and better for our customers.



Our safe room features a customized anchoring system

Our customized anchoring system matches the exact thickness of your concrete slab. As a result, you have a safer, more secure safe room.

  • ONE SIZES DOES NOT FIT ALL! The Anchoring of Shelter is just as important as the structural design IF NOT MORE! Our safe room features a customized anchor system specifically engineered to match the exact thickness of slab. This provides you with the maximum protection available.
  • We install anchors every 12″ along the inside walls of the shelter.
  • If you want the most secure mounted shelter, choose the system that is actually engineered and designed for your concrete thickness!
  • Typical installation is complete in 1-2 hours.


Finish and Corrosion Protection:

  • One coat of primer
  • Two coats of highest quality industrial acrylic enamel paint (white)
  • Custom colors available


Our 300lb. vault type door includes 3 stainless steel 1" diameter locking pins for maximum security.

Our 300lb. vault type door includes 3 stainless steel 1″ diameter locking pins for maximum security.

  • Over 300 lb. Vault type door reinforced with 4″ Structural “C” Channel
  • Three Stainless Steel 1″ diameter locking pins with removable handles
  • Three Heavy Duty barrel hinges w/grease fittings
  • Drill proof and pick proof high security Medeco deadbold
  • Our 5×8 Shelter also comes standard with Handicap Accessible Door


  • Three large vents with louvers to protect against debris entry (Two vents are in the upper back corners with the third vent located in the lower portion of the door)
  • Vent locations also create a natural air flow