Safe Room Installation

safe room installation can typically be performed in 1-2 hoursOur factory-trained and insured installers can have your safe room delivered, installed and ready for use within a matter of hours. Supercell Shelters™ uses a customized anchor system specifically engineered to match the exact thickness of your concrete slab. We install anchors every 12″ along the inside walls of the shelter for extra reinforcement. Supercell Shelters™ Safe room installation is usually completed within 1-2 hours. When the installation process is complete the safe room is immediately available for use.

The Safe Room Installation Process


The Tennessee Valley  is part of  “Dixie Alley”, an area particularly vulnerable to strong or violent tornadoes. As a result storm shelters have almost become a necessity with the constant threat of catastrophic storms and tornados.  Supercell Shelters has installed our tornado shelters throughout North Alabama, Southern Tennessee, Mississippi and the surrounding areas.  Let us install your home tornado shelter today!