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Supercell Shelters combines over 50 years of experience and expertise in industrial design and manufacturing. When it comes to In-ground tornado storm shelters and above-ground Safe Rooms, choose the company that is responsible for their product all the way from raw steel to a completed, installed shelter. Supercell Shelters Designed by us, certified and stamped by an Alabama Professional Engineer to meet and exceed the requirements set forth by FEMA 320, 361, and ICC 500 codes. Our shelters have been tested at Texas Tech, Wind Science and Engineering Research Center and passed all requirements to withstand impacts associated with the 250 MPH winds of an EF-5 tornado. Supercell Shelters manufactures every shelter in our own 37,000 sq. ft. facility located in Decatur, AL. We have a showroom open six days a week to allow customers to evaluate our quality and design. Our showroom sales staff is there to help you decide which typed of shelter and size best fits your needs. Every shelter is installed by our own employees, not a sub-contractor. Supercell Shelters mission is to help your family be better prepared for the “next round” of hazardous tornadoes that frequent our area. We strive for perfection in everything we do. Our goal is to provide you with best protection available at a reasonable price. You will not find a more dedicated or trusted company anywhere in the country. Supercell Shelters Solid steel In-ground storm shelters are designed to be installed in garages and covered patios, in new and existing homes. Our In-ground shelters all have solid steel benches and removable steel steps. Our two piece removable sliding lid system is designed with two things in mind, Protection first, then the ability of several exiting options in case of entrapment. Both doors are removable and have the ability to be used in conjunction with a winch or hydraulic jack for exit assistance if entrapment were to occur.Our shelters have been designed to provide you the best protection and functionality in the market, and to provide you the peace of mind knowing you and your

family are not just protected from them most violent tornadoes, but also prepared for the unknown circumstances tornadoes produce. These units are typically installed in one day.Supercell Shelters Above ground Safe Rooms are designed to be installed in garages, patios, or on outside pads. Our Safe Rooms are unmatched in design and strength. Our Safe Rooms have a solid one piece top and floor as well as seamless walls. The inside is reinforced with 4” Structural Channel to strengthen our shelter for better protection from any object that may impact the shelter. Our design is unmatched by anyone in the industry. Our shelter will typically weigh more than twice what most other shelters do. Rather than using plate steel and stich welding each individual piece together, our “seamless” design is the main thing that makes our Safe Room different. Due to our inside manufacturing capabilities, we are able to drastically reduce the number of components required to create the shell of our shelter. This unique design both eliminates leak paths and significantly strengthens our shelter. Other company’s designs have a greater chance of welds breaking, putting you at more risk. Our anchoring system is unique, every garage or concrete pad is different. Our installers are trained to customize the anchoring of our shelter to meet the strongest strength rating possible for your protection. All concrete is not the same and neither should the anchoring be. If you want the strongest possible anchoring system available, there’s only one choice, “Supercell Shelters” Our high quality designs, precision manufacturing standards, afterthought, and local service make Supercell Shelters the clear choice to help your family be prepared for the “next round”. Please compare, do your homework and put your trust in the only company around that takes responsibility for every single aspect of building, selling, and installing the best tornado shelters available. You will not find a more dedicated, compassionate, or resilient company to protect what matters most!