Tornado Survival Basics

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Tornadoes are frightening events that strike without much warning. They are typically concentrated in the “Tornado Alley” region of the Midwest, but in the United States, tornadoes have been reported as far east as New York City. If you live in an area with any risk of tornadoes, you might find yourself asking: Where do I start? But with some key precautions, you have a high chance of surviving a tornado. Supercell Shelters has some advice to help you get started. Prepare a...

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5 Dangerous Tornado Safety Myths

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Tornado, twister, cyclone—whatever you call these massive storms, they’re never good news. Tornadoes cause tragic deaths and property damage every year in the United States, and with so much conflicting news and word-of-mouth information about them, it might be difficult to sort out fact from fiction. But believing myths about tornadoes can be dangerous or even fatal. Learn the truth about these five common tornado myths—it could save your life. Myth 1: Overpasses Are the...

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