Alabama April 2011

Alabama April 2011

Tornado shelters have saved the lives of thousands of individuals and families. Every year, tornadoes, and other extreme windstorms and thunderstorms injure and kill people.

Supercell Shelters can install an underground shelter or safe room for your home or small business that can help provide near complete protection for you and your family or employees – protection from injury or death caused by the paths of forceful tornadoes that are an ever-present danger in the Southern regions of the United States.

FEMA’s knowledge of tornadoes and storms is based on substantial meteorological records as well as extensive investigations of damage to buildings from extreme winds. Our “premium” protection means that, based on the current knowledge of tornadoes and storms, a Supercell Shelter built according to FEMA standards and guidelines, helps its occupants achieve the best probability of protection from injury or death.

Should you consider installing a Supercell Shelter in your home or small business to provide premium protection for you, your family, or employees during a tornado? The answer depends on your answers to some of these questions that FEMA asks you to consider:


  • Do you live in a high-risk area?
  • How quickly can you reach safe shelter during extreme winds?
  • What level of safety do you want to provide?
  • What is the cost of a shelter?

Professional Engineering Certification

There have been widespread reports of tornado manufactures misrepresenting the capabilities of their shelters.  An EF-5 tornado is devastating.  They can wipe out entire towns and destroy anything in their paths.  Everything, that is, except a properly constructed and installed storm shelter.  Regardless of which shelter you buy, be absolutely certain that the seller can provide drawings stamped by a professional engineer (PE) that clearly state that the shelter is capable of withstanding 250 MPH winds and that the shelter is built and installed according to those drawings.  Sometimes the only way to do things right is to do it yourself.  That’s our approach, we don’t rely on any sub-contractors to do any work or installation of our shelters.  We do everything so you can be certain it’s done right.

Simulated EF-5 Tornado: Tested & Passed

Supercell Shelters were designed by us and certified and stamped by an Alabama Professional Engineer to meet and exceed the requirements set forth by FEMA 320, 361, and ICC 500 codes.  Our shelters have been tested at Texas Tech, Wind Science and Engineering Research Center and passed all requirements to withstand impacts associated with the 250 MPH winds of an EF-5 tornado.

This site shows you how Supercell Shelters installs an underground shelter or safe room for your home or small business. Our premium quality shelters are designed with life safety as the primary consideration, but also many unique design and safety features not associated with other shelter options in the market.   Our shelters are located in the garage, carport, patio, or yard.  Our shelters are trap resistant, In-ground models have a two piece lid system with a sliding ball-bearing door, back up safety and exit features for added protection and can be registered with local authorities to ensure your peace of mind for protection and a safe exit.

Engineering consultants and FEMA have defined the design requirements for the expected forces from wind pressure and the impact of typical flying debris associated with  EF-5 tornados. Supercell Shelters are designed and built to meet and exceed every requirement set forth by the governing institutions.  We didn’t just stop there.  We have worked years to develop our shelters so they provide the best possible protection along with many features and benefits not typical in the tornado shelter industry.  We are a locally owned and operated company with a unique vision,  “Do Things Right”.  The buck stops here, we are committed to provide our customers with unmatched design, protection, and customer service.  We are responsible for every step of your shelter’s process, from manufacturing to installation and we stand behind our product 100%.